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Financial injection (1st prize is 20 000 EUR)
Contacts to experts across 3 regions in 3 countries (CZ, PL, SK)
Services tailored to scaleup their business
Attractive partners who offer special financial prizes (Thematic vouchers) or extra services

Apart from winning the prize finalists can take advantage of the priceless services provided by CEE Startup network founders:
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Virtually anyone from anywhere with a project in the idea, prototype or 1st paying customer phase, if you meet the conditions of the competition.

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Since 2012 he managed international research and development teams. Together with his team, he received an award for the most innovative startup in Europe in 2012 and 2014, an award from the European Commission for excellent innovative project in 2020 and as a first in Slovakia he leads a European consortium research project under the Eurostars program since 2022.



Pavel Csank is a manager, strategist, visionary, consultant, chairman of the board and co-founder of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre Ostrava (MSIC). He is in close contact with business owners on a daily basis and enjoys looking for ways to connect them and support growth of their companies. By doing so he believes it has impact on the quality of the Czech corporate environment thanks to the synergy effects. As a consultant, he designed and applied tools to support business and Innovation both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He currently manages the team of the MSIC Ostrava. Together, they are setting up and offering new services for the development of the local business environment and are preparing and implementing regional innovation strategy. He would like everyone, like him, to abandon the stereotypes of perception of this amazing region and discover the strength, creativity, and determination of the people he meets here. His motto is: think big, take small steps quickly and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.



Andrej Rybovič worked as a consultant in the Science and Technology Park, which supported startups in the Zilina region. With the startup MindBox, he completed the 3-month acceleration program Startup Yard in Prague. He completed study trips in incubators and accelerators in Europe (Yes Delft, Stardust-DTU) and Israel (The Time). He worked as an external consultant for the German consulting company Founderscope, where he used the innovative Gamified Startup methodology to support innovation in companies. Since 2016 he has been working as lector, mentor and consultant at the National Entrepreneurs Centre. He is part of the startup Resitech, which gets investment to accelerate the sale of products.


Expert in medical technologies, technological start-ups in the field of health. Visionary of the Healthy Society domain within the Slovak RIS3 Strategy. Martin Hospital of the Future project coordinator, head of the Department of Biomedical Research and Clinical Studies at the Martin University Hospital. She worked as the director of the Center for the Support of Science and R&D at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin.


In 2010 co-founded a company that was the first to develop and deploy a mobile trading platform in the financial advisory sector. In 2016, he sold his share and since then he has been passing on his rich experience to startups not only in acceleration programs. Within Central Europe, he coaches company owners and helps them set a growth strategy. He participates in the Spanish government’s entrepreneurship support programs, Silicon Valley acceleration and the development of impact entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic. He is the chairman of the board of the non-profit organization Spirála in Ostrava, a founding member of the SoFarm association and is passionate about investments that improve the quality of life. David has always been a fan of space, which led him to the jury of the global final of space projects in France.


Ivan helps founders of innovative startups enter the market with new products and growth. He is a consultant for BIC Bratislava, the Slovak national contact point of the European Innovation Council (EIC), the manager of the Slovak representation of the Enterprise Europe Network and a co-architect of innovation ecosystems in Slovakia and financing systems of technology companies. He graduated from the Faculty of Business Management at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He likes to discover new places, tastes, smells and inspirations.


In addition to supporting invested startups, Lukáš takes care of operations and financial management. In addition, he is one of the expert evaluators of the European Commission and Technology Agency of Czech Republic. As a consultant, he guides start-up entrepreneurs through their first business steps and helps the more experienced to keep order (not only) in finances, strategic plans, business models and business settings inwards and outwards. He prefers to relax with a (bass) guitar in his hand.


Jiří has many years of experience in business support. He was involved in the establishment and exit of several start-ups, at the same time not only in his company he manages innovations, especially in the field of ICT and security. From the point of view of e-commerce, I focus on online marketing and SEO. He studied Information Technology at VŠB-TU Ostrava and started his business in the 3rd year of study. Services in the area of business support and start-up were used, for example, by the Moravian-Silesian Region, the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center, the City of Krnov, etc. Among the interesting projects currently involved are the Reservatic system, originally established as a small start-up. In the little time he has left, he tries to dedicate 3 children and clears his head during adrenaline experiences and starts with a motorcycle.


Denis Sedlak currently works as a manager for the development of a local ecosystem for the Slovak Space Office (SARIO). He is responsible for cooperation with Accelerators and Tech Hubs across the Central and Eastern Europe region, including seeking new investment opportunities. Previously he worked as a networker and external startup hunter.



Adéla is the coordinator of the implementation of activities to support small and medium-sized companies / start-ups within the „Regional Innovation Strategy of the Moravian-Silesian Region“. She has many years of experience in grant consulting for innovative small and medium-sized companies not only from the Czech Republic, especially in the field of international grants funded by Horizon 2020 / HorizonEurope and other EU programs such as EIC Accelerator, Eurostars, cascade financing.



Michal has worked in portfolio management for Eos Capital in Namibia, where he also served as strategy and operations manager for one of its portfolio companies. Prior to that, he was a member of the board of Westminster Group, a real estate investor focused on Central Europe. He started his career in the law firm Brož & Sokol & Novák. Michal studied law and legal science at Masaryk University, holds a doctorate from Charles University and an MBA from ESADE. In addition to his native Czech, he speaks English and Spanish. Michal is a member of the Czech Bar Association and an avid horse polo player.



Lawyer and corporate finance specialist with 15 years of experience in the venture capital market. Vice President of Invento Capital fund. He has completed over 20 seed/venture capital investments. An expert in capital market law, investment agreements and venture capital transactions. Has been actively supporting start-ups for over 10 years. Between 2010 and 2015, as Vice President of the Management Board of Secus Wsparcie Biznesu sp. z o.o., he was responsible for managing one of the largest networks of Business Angels in Poland.linkedin


experienced leader, manager and advisor. Initiator and founder of Scalence – a consulting company supporting business during strategic transformation. Using his own professional experience effectively, he offers committed, useful support to business owners and management. As part of the Invento Capital investment fund, he helps innovative startups in the area of new health technologies to develop and scale. Professionally, for many years associated with the pharmaceutical industry. In the Polpharma Group, he was responsible for the company’s development on all markets: in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Indochina.


President of the Management Board of the Invento Capital fund. During over 30 years of professional career he worked on leading positions in Bantex Poland, Polskie Książki Telefoniczne, Polkomtel, Tchibo Warszawa, PTK Centertel (Orange), PGNiG and Wirtualna Polska. In 2006-2007, he was also Vice-President of the Employers of Poland. In the following years he was involved in investment and advisory activities in Poland and Central Europe as Investment Partner in the fund MCI Management SA, a leading Polish venture capital company. During this period he sat on the Supervisory Boards, Management Boards and as Interim CFO in the portfolio companies of the group, both in Poland and the Czech Republic.

She has over 10 years of experience in venture capital investments and R&D project management. An expert in the field of commercialization of research results, innovation financing and technology transfer, as well as coordination of economic cooperation between technological enterprises and management of research and implementation projects.


Experienced international expert of Supply chains, with a particular focus on sustainability in production and distribution chains in food industry for major global brands like Kraft Foods and Coca Cola. She is an entrepreneur, investor and a startups mentor.
Owner of Green Dreams Labs and co-founder of H+H Labs PSA.
Brings hands-on know-how and wide international network in production and well as contracts negotiations.
She holds degrees in Economics, Culture Science and Sustainable Value Chains from Europa Universität Viadrina and Cambridge University.
Her interests focus on the impact of sustainability concerns on supply chain and corporate strategy development, business sustainability, education for sustainable development, and social enterprises and sustainable lifestyle. She is participating as a mentor for and EIT Climate.

Experienced manager responsible for sales of large integrated IT projects of significant value. Responsible for numerous complex project managements – creating concepts, appropriate solutions, building competent team, complex process management. Execution of sales plans, preparation of sales forecasts. He led a group of professionals, technical specialists and consultants involved in the implementation of IBM Software Group’s main products and solutions


He has been working for a large part of his professional life with leaders in the field of developing companies and their teams. He is specifically dedicated to the facilitation of strategic company meetings (Vision Building) and the topic of succession in companies across levels. Facilitates several expertly focused Master Mind circles (business owners, business directors, project managers). Together with Pavel Csanek (MSIC), he launched the Business Angel Club Founders 4 Founders, with the ambition to prepare and present to investors more than a dozen quality projects a year. At the same time, he is actively developing two of his own projects – YPYY – an application for online feedback in companies linked to 24 leadership roles and PROTWIN – the first digital property twin.


Originally from Ostrava, who moved to university in the Netherlands after graduating from grammar school, where he studied communications and marketing. After his return, he founded the fast fund network Faency Fries together with his friend. From the initially childish idea of ​​selling French fries from fresh potatoes in one small establishment in Ostrava, the company has grown to the size of fifteen branches across the entire Czech Republic. In the course of five years, he made it to the Forbes 30under30 selection or was awarded Esquire’s man of the year in the business category. In 2021, he successfully sold the company and, with a wealth of experience, started the field of real estate development. He likes to alternate the creative processes with the operational ones, so as he says, he doesn’t get „entangled in a loop“.

A graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science at the University of Silesia with a specialisation in Computer Science in Experimental Sciences. He is a certified Professional Scrum Master PSMI, Critical Chain Project Management TOC CCPM and The Thinking Processes TOC TP. He has several years of experience as a software team leader, software architect and developer. Throughout his professional career he has been particularly focused on Distributed Control Systems (DCS), IoT and OT networks, cyber security, signal processing, physicochemical analysis methods and industrial processes in nanotechnology.
He has participated in many projects successfully completed with the implementation of a new product line. He cooperated with such institutions as Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics, MAXIV, ESRF, Solaris, Polish Academy of Science during the implementation of many international projects.
Long-time member of the Tango-Controls Community, initiator and co-creator of transferring the platform commonly used in the Big Science world, Tango-Controls, to the commercial market.
Co-author of the publication „Tango Heads for Industry“ published at the international conference ICALEPCS2017

Eduard has been working primarily in the IT, trade and business spheres since 2008. During this time, he changed many job positions, such as programmer, consultant, architect, project manager, technical director or executive director. During his career, he led many diverse teams and research projects, co-founded several successful companies. He has participated in many trainings and holds a number of expert certifications. Currently, in addition to company management, he deals with the professional evaluation of projects for the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic.


Ján is an executive director and project manager. In addition to company management, he is engaged in several activities, such as business activities and management of professional teams, and has more than 15 years of experience in business consulting and information technology. During his career, he was responsible for managing many successful projects for both the private and public sectors and successfully certified himself in several areas at an expert level. For many years, Ján has been a professional evaluator of projects for the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic.


Michal has extensive experience in the technological IT sphere. In addition to analytical skills, he is an expert in designing, projecting, implementing, testing, deploying and consulting various IT solutions. Michal has extensive experience in managing people in both larger and smaller teams, mainly in the position of project or infrastructure manager. Currently, Michal works as the COO of an IT company with almost 60 employees, thus he acquired very good communication and management skills in cooperation not only with employees, but also with the company’s customers. He also deals with the professional evaluation of projects for the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic.linkedin

Slavo is the managing partner at chop chop Ventures, European pre-seed fund investing in B2B SaaS companies helping SMEs accelerate digital transformation. Prior to, Slavo was the CEO of and he also cofounded SKODA AUTO DigiLab in Prague, Tel Aviv a Beijing where he was responsible for venture building, validations and startup cooperation. Co-author of The Caffeine Capitalist newsletter.linkedin

Strong sales background. Katka has led sales teams since 2016. Her passion for sales and technology is well known and recognized in the Slovak startup community.
Two consecutive years she ranked among Forbes 30 under 30 most talented young people in Slovakia.
Katka completed several sales trainings in Silicon Valley and has been nominated a young entrepreneur of the year in 2018.


Ivan has been involved with Slovakia’s startup community from its inception. With his background in digital presentation & development he is able to help your product see the market and reach its desired target group. Ivan is passionate about critical thinking, tabletop games, new technologies and pizza. He likes to deeply understand anything he does and challenge founders who do not run their projects with thorough understanding.linkedin

Martin Vesely graduated from University of Oxford, where he studied Biochemistry and found his passion for innovation and technology transfer. Martin currently works as a Project Manager at Civitta Slovakia, leading innovation consultancy and innovation ecosystem builder in Slovakia, where he leads projects focused on creating and accelerating innovative businesses. Martin worked as the Project Lead at HealthCare Lab, an international acceleration program for digital healthcare ventures where he was in charge of the selection committee choosing the top 9 HealthTech startups from over 200 applications ranging from CEE and Turkey. His responsibilities in the program also included composing and running the acceleration program with the aim to accelerate startups and increase investability of selected HealthTech startups.


Graduated from the Faculty of Social-Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Pedagogy of the Common Knowledge Society in Warsaw. She has several years of experience as a sales team leader, and for a few years she has directed her professional experience to Intelligent Building Management Systems (BMS), Energy Efficiency, Cybersecurity and Digital Twin Projects. She cooperates with Smart Secure Networks Sp. z o. o. , which is the coordinator of the Polish IoT Cluster and AI-SINOTAIC and participates in international projects in the area of cybersecurity and the broadly understood concept of Industry 4. 0. Throughout her career, she has focused on human relationships, successfully found herself in the world of high-tech, artificial intelligence and machine learning. She has participated in many projects, successfully completed with the implementations and integrations of PLM and ERP systems.

Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Service-Level Agreements (SLA), IT Strategy, Professional Services, Management, and Service Desk. Strong professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Management in International Business.


Peter Mačuš is CTO of Asseco CEIT. He also worked as CEO of CEIT Technical Innovation for 4 years. He has huge experiences in managing the development and commercialization of innovative engineering products, mainly Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots, which find application mainly in the automotive industry.



Marek is a member of board in company KROS a.s.. He has responsible for managing economic software’s and services. He is an enthusiast of digitization and automatization in accounting. He wants to bring solutions that will make work and life easier for entrepreneurs. He wrote a book about business. He loves his family and likes sports running, cycling and swimming.  


Experienced Software Services Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Service Delivery, Enterprise Architecture, ITIL, IT Service Management, and IT Strategy. Strong program and project management professional with a master’s focused in Electronics from Wroclaw University of Technology. As IBM Poland Software Services Manager from 2006 Leszek lead now a group professionals, technical specialist and consultants focused on implementation main IBM Software Group products and solutions (Websphere, Lotus, Tivoli, Information Management and Rational). His responsibility cover revenue in consulting and training (ca 4 mln USD / year), people management and supporting Software Group (SWG) business (licences).


Discover special opportunities given to you by our partner companies and organisations! Get additional funding and, above all, priceless cooperation with players from your industry…

The Startup Voucher competition also includes thematic vouchers organized in cooperation with associated partners, who choose the thematic area themselves. By entering the competition, the associated partner gets the opportunity to select the project to which he dedicates the thematic voucher. Partners define the objectives of the thematic voucher, its conditions and the benefits granted to the winners.



#InnovateYourProduct by Dassault Systems 
prize: 8000 EUR
contact person: Michal Navrátil, , +420 737 011 703

We are looking for innovative startups with physical tangible products that can benefit from our 3DEXPERIENCE tools
We offer you 8,000 EUR for development of your startup, license for our softwares and additional services of our team of experts to kickstart the process of improving the product design, its functionalities and user experience


#H2Medical by H2 Global Group
prize: 8000 EUR
contact person: David Maršálek,, +420 777 724 725

We offer you 8,000 EUR and cooperation on projects concerning innovative support of sales via 3D and VR tools


#Construction4.0 by HSF System
prize: 8000 EUR
contact person: Veronika Velčovská,, +420 730 186 738

We are looking for an innovative startup in the field of Construction 4.0:

• Digitization and automation of the entire construction implementation process, from design to installation, especially of roof and facade systems, but also of other parts of projects
• Connecting and unifying the applications and systems used by the company
• Innovation connecting construction with other disciplines

In return we offer not only the financial prize but also our license to use individual applications and systems for the duration of the project and support from company specialists, including the management


#CloudService by IBM
prize: 5000 EUR in services
contact person: Przemysław Ziemski,,+48 577 000 296

Develop your idea with access to IBM Cloud Service. Explore the power of a full-stack, hybrid cloud platform with IBM. Choose from more than 100 products and services covering data and AI, containers, IoT, and blockchain.




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